Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's in the Box?!?!

You know...I have been way too negative lately.  I need to talk about something awesome and full of positivity! And if there is one thing in my nerdiness that makes me giddy it is this little number:

Like my package?
What could this be?  Why it is my monthly shipment from Discount Comic Book Service! I love DCBS.  I can get anything I want from Previews and it is shipped with a flat shipping rate no matter how big my order right to my door and cheaper than if I went to my local comic shop...which is great, cause I live in a town with no local comic shop.  The cool thing about it is that I end up being able to buy more trades than I typically could in the course of a month and it has given me the opportunity to broaden my reading of comics into things I would not have normally picked up.  I have been able to try things like Sweet Tooth, Northlanders, The Roberts, Irredeemable, and Locke & Key that I never would have had the money to try before and that is definitely a great thing.  Is it a replacement for a good comic shop? Nope, not by a long shot.  Believe me, if I lived closer to the big city, I would definitely shop at Collectibles Etc...at least for my weekly floppy issues.  Anyway...once a month I get a big box chock full of fun and awesome.  What to know what I got this month?  Thought you would never ask!
The anticipation is killin' me!

They pack it really well...

A month of sweet comic goodness...
Well, we got a Previews with all the DC reboot crap (don't care...seriously), hardcover Dark Tower trade, trade paperbacks of Sweet Tooth, GI Joe: Cobra, Walking Dead, The Sixth Gun, and Proof, and monthly issues of Thunderbolts, Avenger Academy, X-Factor, and Gear of War (yeah...guilty pleasure of mine).  Not a bad haul and plenty to keep me busy over the next month until my next box comes (well this and working through the tome that is the Essential Man-Thing Vol. 1).  Anyway, you might want to give the DCBS site a look-see.  It is great and you can get some really great deals, especially on things your LCS might not carry. Tell 'em Patrick sent ya!  And they will be all like, "who?", but more to it, they will probably just be happy that you stopped by and said hey.  Till next time...

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