Sunday, July 10, 2011

The GOOD Super Hero Movie with "Green" in the Title

So, I finally got around to watching The Green Hornet and you know what, it is actually really good.  Funny and more badass than it has any right to be, the performances were solid and the movie didn't revolve around whether or not the CGI worked.

For me, the movie was fun and never really took itself too seriously but in the end delivered a solid story that overall didn't seem to be as long as it's nearly two hour length.  Seth Rogan does a great job, Cameron Diaz is very pretty and great, and Jay Chou is amazing as kind of a straight-man for a new age.  And then there is Adama!  And the young John Connor...who has seen much better days.  Oh and Christoph Waltz...come on...he is a great nemesis with his slow-burning, reserved omninous...ness...or something.  He was scary and I liked it.  Anyway, it was fun...the way a summer superhero movie should be...only it came out in January.  If you haven't seen it...put it in your Netflix will be glad you did.  Till next time...

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