Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little Ranting About Gamestop...

Video gaming was not that easy around these parts as I was growing up.  Living in the middle of BFE, there really were not a lot of options when it game to arcades or even buying video games for that matter.  I can though fondly remember going to Roses in Richmond and drooling over Sega Master System games and not so fondly remember being scared to look anyone in the eye at the Kentucky Arcade across the street. 

Going to the big city of Richmond was a huge deal for me back in those days and those trips were few and far between.  That said, on the off chance I actually got a new game, once it was yours - it was yours. You could maybe trade with a friend, but like I said - out in BFE - there wasn't a lot of that going on.  Over the years, I grew up (sort of) and moved away from a lot of gaming.  It was just hard to do for me.  I had a game system or two (who DIDN'T have an original Playstation, right?) and though I played some awesome stuff, it really wasn't until my wife bought me an Xbox 360 one Christmas that I didn't really get into gaming that can be considered "proper hardcore". It was quite the jump for me going from Metal Gear Solid all those years ago to Gears of War (which was my first new game).  Loved it and I was hooked again and for the first time, could actually play the games I wanted to play and boy did I.  So, as I approach 80K gamerscore, you can imagine that you rake up a lot of games in the library and anymore it just isn't practical to hang on to all of them.  Me being new to all this went to the one that most people go to...Gamestop.  On the surface it seems like a great concept.  You buy a game, play a game, trade it back to them, and buy another game.  That would be great it you didn't end up getting royally screwed on step three and sometimes even step four there.  I didn't much like paying full price for a game then selling it back for a quarter of the purchase price (if you are lucky and quick with the turn around).  Even their used games, which they push a lot are far from cheap ($5 off is not a good incentive in my mind).  I mean, I guess all that would be fine if you had a clue what you would actually be getting for a game going in, but it is a huge mystery that you never know until you are standing at the counter where you can either grab your games and walk out with nothing new or taking the little bit they offer and still handing over a wad of cash for something new (all the while grumbling under your breath works that I probably shouldn't type here). So...none of this is new to anyone I am sure, so why even rant about it? 

Well, a friend of mine who had been working at Gamestop for a very long time and was the only employee I would waste my time working with (would drive 20 minutes out of my way just to see him, even though I have a Gamestop in my town) was fired this week by the company.  They said his shop was in bad shape and they no longer needed him.   Truth was, he had worked with them a long time and made a lot of money compared to the typical Gamestop employee and has MS.  They wanted rid of him cause he couldn't work the type of schedule that the company often demands and it cost too much to keep him if he couldn't put in all the extra hours they demand.  I hope he sues and makes a mint off them.  I won't be going back.  I am tired of the whole way they treat customers and now, how they treat their employees.  They post huge earnings year after year and they treat everyone like crap.  I am out...done.  Will probably be using Best Buy from now on.  They don't give a lot of money either, but at least you know that going in since you can look up any game online and get a quote.  No more mystery or hidden conditions.  Just something to think about.  Have a great weekend all.

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