Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Five Video Game End Credit Songs That Make You Want To Keep Playing

I loves me a good video game and I do love a good end credit sequence with a good song.  I was thinking about some games I have played over the past few years and how that end song can keep you pumped and still want to keep playing.  Here are some from recent memory that made me want to get right back into the game in no particular order...

Alan Wake - Haunted by Poe

Such a good "haunting" song that ended an episode in Alan Wake and made you want to jump right back in for another round of craziness.  Really set the mood for the game and you knew you were playing something different.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Won't Back Down by Eminem

Good song that grabbed you by the tenders and made you want to jump straight into the multiplayer after finishing the campaign.  Loved it!

Borderlands - No Heaven  by Champion

For a game whose "ending" was crap, this made you want to jump back in for more loot grabbin'.  Between the opening credit song by Cage the Elephant and this, it so set the tone for the game and helped solidify how cool this game is.

Portal - Still Alive by GLaDOS

Nothing that can be said that hasn't already elsewhere.  It is awesome and the followup from Portal 2 isn't too shabby either.

Rock Band - Pleasure (Pleasure) by Band Camero
Helped set this apart from all the cloned Guitar Hero games and you knew you were playing something special.

There are my picks.  Have any you would add?  Till next time, imaginary readers...

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  1. Right on! I dig these songs even though I haven't played any of the games. :)