Monday, July 4, 2011

Heard Any Good Leonard Nimoy Jokes Lately?

So, it is my Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie review!  Was it awesome?  Was it amazing? Was it a waste of three hours? Well...none of the above...

Meet me on the dark side of moon, why dontcha?
Overall, it was an ok summer popcorn flick.  Typical Michael Bay movie.  Lots of explosions, a pointless, tacked-on love story, and more than a few gags that are meant to be funny, but end up falling flat.  I didn't love or hate it and it probably should have been the second movie (as my friend Justin pointed out) and not the third.  I don't want to give anything major away, but if you go, you will probably have a good time, just don't think about any of it too hard.  The main thing that stood out to me was Leonard Nimoy.  He was the voice of the powerful Sentinel Prime and lended an air of distinction to the role. 

Bearded robot...really?  At least he had no limp...
It bothered me how referential the movie was the Leonard Nimoy's Spock role with more than a couple references to it.  Bumblebee used a soundbite from The Wrath of Khan (I think), they showed an episode of the Star Trek TV show, and Sentinel Prime even had a take on Spock's "needs of the many..." speech.  It sooo took away from the movie and really cheapened the overall impact of the role because I kept thinking about Nimoy's Spock and not focusing on his as Sentinel Prime.  I mean, it was hard enough not thinking about his role as Galvatron (which really kind of revealed a major plot twist if I had put much thought to it) in the animated Transformers: The Movie. 

Meet the new boss...
Anyway, I guess my favorite part of the movie was something so small and yet so significant to my nerdiness that it made my geeky heart sing.  The appearance of Jesse Heiman in an office scene. 

Jesse Heiman: Superstar!
 I got all giddy and excited like no other part of the movie did.  That may say something about the movie overall.  See ya at the movies, kids!

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