Friday, July 8, 2011

Print is dead! Long live print!

Well, a couple days off, vacationing with the family and I am back imaginary readers! I had some time to reflect and was looking through the most recent Previews.  With all the listings for the new DC reboot there are several were if you spend a little extra money, you can get the print copy and a digital copy for use on the mobile device of your choice.  It got me this the beginning of the end finally for printed comic books? 

The beginning of the end?
 Honestly, I doubt it.  Though the technology is there and getting better and better all the time, I really think that the price is still the biggest problem.  Not only are the prices for individual issues just not at the price point in most instances where they need to be, the price of admission isn't there either with most comic-sized e-readers being way too expensive for the average comic reader.  I for one, have nothing other than a computer to read an e-comic on and at the moment, I would rather just read a printed copy.  For now, I would just as soon buy a trade at a discount than pay full price for every issue that that trade would contain.  I am sure that as interest grows that prices will need to come more in line with what people are willing to pay, but I for one have no interest in investing the money it would take so far.  And there is the fact that my trade shelf is pretty awesome!

So much awesome...and it is growing...
So, I guess time will tell if this really is the end of the paper printed word.  Should comic shops be worried?  Not yet, but in honor of the supposed death of the paper printed word, we will close by remembering many of the shops in the area that have gone on before.  Feel free to add ones that I have not, imaginary readers...
Paper Heroes
Red Rock (That guy always seemed soooo high)
Southern Star
Comic Connection (Lexington)
Comic Connection (Richmond)
Castle Comics
All those different shops that Ron Flickinger started and put out of business 'cause he is a dick...
The shop that I use to go to in Nicholasville...can not remember the name of it...
Plan B
Fun 4 Less
Monster Comics (Comics AND Tanning!)
Warlords (Man, I miss Keith)
And all the ones I have forgotten that have gone in and out over the years...

Till next time, imaginary readers...

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