Friday, March 30, 2012

Brak History Month - the Future!

From his humble, evil beginnings, to his cracked out present...what does the future hold for Brak?  Some say that he has run his popularity has run his course and he has returned to space to be with the rest of his race of space cats.  Others feel that he may have been killed and eaten by Zorak.  Still others feel that he is laying in wait...lulling him into a false sent of security and he is amassing his strike force, ready to enslave us all.  I tend to think that he is just resting until a time when we need his unique brand of humor to show us how to laugh again.  I hope that you have enjoyed Brak history month as much as I have and you take time to think about the joy this misunderstood space cat has given us.  Like this gem:

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