Friday, March 16, 2012

Brak History Month - Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast

If you are like me, you probably really got to know Brak when he appeared on Cartoon Planet during the 90s. Injecting fun and excitement into those episodes he was clearly the shining star of the series. It was a direct spin-off of the popular Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast series and helped to pave the way for Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.  Though dim witted and more than a little naive, he added a sense of randomness to the show and was the perfect balance to the evilness that is Zorak.  Whether he was offering advice, singing a song, or answering a viewer's heart-felt question, Brak was there to help and entertain those who needed him.  He enthralled the hearts of a nation and proved that he was destined for bigger and better things.

Here is an example...see you next week:

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