Friday, March 9, 2012

Brak History Month - What the Hell Happened to Him?

And then...something changed.  Somewhere between the Space Ghost cartoon and the start of Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast, something very profound changed Brak from an intergalactic badass into something akin to a Cletus the slack-jawed yocal.  What exactly happended is hard to say.  There are a couple of theories that have been floated about.  The official line is that his reduced intellect was the result of being thrown into a space dust cloud when he was defeated at the end of the Space Ghost episode called "The Lure", but another compelling theory is that his simple-mindedness is all a ruse in order for Earthings to trust him and be unsuspecting when he finally enacts his plan to take over the planet and enslave us.  Whichever the case may be, for now, he is as much of a threat as Justin Bieber.

Next week, was talk about Brak's time on Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast and Cartoon Planet.  Till then, I leave you with this heart felt song about personal space...

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