Friday, March 2, 2012

Brak History Month - Where to begin?

I have been thinking about it and I proudly declare March as being Brak History Month.  Why?  Why the hell not.  No...I am not high, but I just think it is high time (see what I did there?) that this unsung hero of the small screen gets the praise and adoration that he deserves. So every Friday for the whole month of March, I will be posting something about Brak.  You don't know who Brak is?  Then why are you even reading this?  If you don't know who he is, go check out this

As you can see, Brak has had a varied and diverse past.  He has gone from supervillain to village idiot...yet all the while being some sort of anthropomorphic space cat that is as cute and lovable as he is now stupid.  So, where to start with regard to Brak?  Start with him in his evil days with his brother Sisto on the original Space Ghost cartoon.  You can buy them from Amazon or you can get the disks from Netflix (just not on streaming).  Anyway, here is one of my favorite songs that Brak has performed in the past.  Enjoy and see you next Friday.

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