Friday, March 23, 2012

Brak History Month - The Brak Show

Hey all!  We are Brak (hee hee) with another entry about Brak History Month.  Today we want to focus on the odd little show that was The Brak Show.

Built around Brak's here-to-unseen growing up life in suburbia, the 29 episodes of the show were an opportunity to take a very strange look at situation comedies as we got to know Brak's unemployed, illegal-alien, Cuban father and his doting, June Cleaveresque, increasingly British mother.  We meet his neighbors, like the killer robot Thundercleese, and friends, with Zorak from Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast coming back as Brak's not-all-that-friendly, "best friend".  To sum it up, the show was bizarre.  Over the course of the shows, they tended to spiral more and more into the odd, which, really is a lot like most Adult Swim shows before they get cancelled.  As off-kilter as everything was, Brak was still himself.  Doofy and lovable and ready to break out in song at any time.  Like with this little number...

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