Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tradio #36 - Astronaut Dad

Happy April everyone!  Expecting an April First Tradio post?  Not a freakin' chance!  I hate that so called "holiday".  Anyway, this week's Tradio looks at a fun series by writer David Hopkins and artist Brent Schoonover called Astronaut Dad: Volume 1; published by Silent Devil.

Astronaut Dad is a series focusing on three families living in Houston, Texas where each of the fathers are NASA astronauts.  We get to see a slice of life during the Kennedy years of America and how each of the families deals with the stresses that the cold war and space race had on families of the time.  Smoking, girls, siblings, pranks: just normal day in the life stuff that add to the adventure and stress of being involved in the space program.  With Astronaut Dad you get a one-of-a-kind series full of fun and sincerity that will make you long to watch reruns of The Wonder Years.
Astronaut Dad is a really good series.  Not a fake superhero to be found, we get to see actual hero who flew into space and helped to pave the way for so many scientific breakthroughs that we take for granted today.  The writing by David Hopkins is tight and funny, but sincere with good characterization.  The art by Brent Schoonover is very clean and deceptively cartoony.  In very few lines, Schoonover is able to convey a lot of emotion and adds to the charm that a lot of us feel about this time in American history.  Overall, you can't go wrong with this trade and the series as a whole.  An all ages read for the ages.  Enjoy kids!

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