Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tradio #37 - Avengers 1959

Well come back to Tradio...your weekly place for sub-par reviews of great comic material.  With a big Avengers movie on the horizon, I thought that in the coming weeks we can focus on a couple recent Avengers trades. This week, we look at Avengers 1959 by Howard Chaykin; published by Marvel Comics.
The 1959 was an interesting time in American history.  The second world war was over and we were getting into the space race and the cold war.  In the middle of this turbulent time is set the throwback comic, Avengers 1959.  A ragtag team of adventurers led by Nick Fury as they battle Nazi super soldiers trying to make a comeback.  Fury, Sabretooth, Kraven the Hunter, Namora, Dominic Fortune, and The Blond Phantom band together against a mysterious new threat to the free-world that is trying to steal Wakandian technology for their evil purposes.  We get to see how these contrasting individuals work together to stop evil across the globe.

Overall, I liked the book, but I am conflicted.  Howard Chaykin delivers some great art for much of the book that harkens back to his work on American Flagg and Power & Glory.  At times though, it is a little inconsistent and I really think a good inker could have helped with.  Additionally, the story is very, very wordy and seems overly complicated.  See how I really didn't explain a lot about the story in the previous's cause I am not totally sure what all was going on.  It's is it is Americans working with Nazis because...well, I have no clue... At lot ends up feeling contrived to me.  Additionally, I think the trade could have really benefited from Marvel including the issue of New Avengers that introduced this team, because frankly, without any explanation as to how and why these people are even working together, it kind of makes no sense.  It would have been nice if there had been another issues of the series itself to let things breathe and actually showcase some of the fights that are just kind of glazed over.  Anyway, it is worth a read, for the Chaykin art alone, but take it with a grain of sand.  You will be confused...or maybe I am just dumb...either way...ENJOY!

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