Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tradio #38 - Marvel 1985

Welcome back!  In the coming week, we will be continuing the Marvel love in the lead up to the big Avengers movie premier.  This week, we go back in time again in Marvel 1985, written by Mark Miller, illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards, and published by Marvel Comics.

Marvel 1985 takes a look back to the glory days of superhero comics and what would happen if the Marvel Universe spilled over into the "real" world.  We get to follow an average kid, Toby Goodman, who is reading Secret Wars and dealing with his very real life of dealing with his family and getting picked on by the other kids at school.  His average life gets turned upside down when he thinks he sees the Red Skull and on further investigation gets chased by very real villains in his very real world.  Suddenly he and his family is thrust into a race for their lives as Toby tried to figure out why super heroes from his comic books have suddenly overrun his world the fate of his world is in jeopardy.

The book is a lot of fun.  Miller's story is fun and really hearkens back to a simpler time when we all wished that super heroes were real.  The art by Edwards is great for the materials and is naturalistic without being super-realistic.  If you read comics in the 80s, this will strike a cord with you and hopefully put a smile on your did mine.

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