Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's In The Box?!?!...again...

Hey gang...since you all seemed to like to see what I got in th mail that one time from Discount Comic Book Service, I thought I would post another one with a my supersized order for September that I got early this week.  It was pretty amazing...
Am I the only person who gets excited when I know that there is a package coming in the mail?  I love checking and rechecking the tracking confirmation until I know it is waiting on my front porch for me to carefully tear in to.  The box this time was pretty big and heavy.
So much stuff...and ooooooohhhhhh...a new t-shirt.
So...what do we have here?  Well, we have the new Previews with Marvel suppliment, nine single issues (two issues of X-Factor, two issues of The Boys, three issues of the Thunderbolts, Wolverine: Debt of Death, and a issue of Avengers Academy), twelve trades (American Vampire, Axe Cop, Avengers Prime, Irredeemable, Uncanny X-Force, Chew, Hellboy, Morning Glories, Wolverine, Crossed, iZombie, and Uncanny X-Men), and an awesome SHIELD t-shirt.  Pretty sweet haul, don't you think.  One of the biggest reasons it was so big was that my order got held an extra week to wait for the new Previews to get released, so it usually isn't that big of an order, but it was nice all the same. Some of the trades, I am giving something a shot to see if I will like it.  Like American Vampire, Uncanny X-Force, Avengers Prime, and Uncanny X-Men and the rest are all things I like.  Some I like more than others, but overall they still get my money whenever they come out (especially Chew and Hellboy).  Anyway, hope you see something there that might peak your interest and have you head down to your LCS (like Collectables Etc. if you are in the Central Kentucky Area).  Thanks for looking in my box.  Till next time, imaginary readers.

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