Monday, October 17, 2011

Maybe I Need An Intervention - My Secret Public Addiction

T-shirts...yeah...I love t-shirts.  Anyone who knows me well at all knows that I just can't help myself.  I see a cool one in an XL and I needs it!  One thing though that I get asked all the time is, "Patrick, what is your problem?!?!"  But more importantly, I get asked a lot, "Where do you get all those cool t-shirts?" So, I figured this would be a good place for me to post about that and point some of you all down the horrible road to finacial and closet space ruin that I am currently in.

Shirt.Woot - The Website that really started it all for me.  A new shirt everyday, a weekly contest where the top three, viewer voted-on designs are made, and the top 20 selling designs always in stock; there is always something new and the shirts themselves are good quality.  The designs run from art shirts to spins on pop culture.  Always something new and cool to see with the shirt of the day always being $5 cheaper than on subsequent days and best of shipping! 

TeeFury - Another new t-shirt every day sites, but this one is one day only.  Once it is gone, it is gone with only the occasional grab bag offer to get you something you missed.  As good of quality as Shirt.Woot shirts with styles that tend to be very television and movie reference heavy.

Tanga - Tanga is an oddball on my list.  They have a lot of things that they have on sale everyday, as well as a t-shirt that is often very funny.  Most of the t-shirts are of the "words on a shirt" variety, but the styles are offered for more than one day and are available until they sell out.

Ript - Ript is very much like TeeFury in both offering and themes, though the shirts themselves are thinner and don't wash as well.  Might want to get a little bigger size if you get one from there because of shrinkage.

Think Geek - So many good things on Think Geek, with t-shirts having a big part.  Good selection, good quality shirts and you can usually find a coupon to help with the price if you buy several things...and I dare you not to buy several things.

Threadless - Lots and lots of original artists' designs that cover pretty much anything you would be looking for with regard to a unique shirt.  Can be kind of pricey though, so best to watch and wait for sales.

Tee Magnet - While not a site that sells a shirt itself, it is an aggrigator site that showcases many different sites shirts that are available that day.  A good place to check into daily to see if there is something that you have to have.

Tee Trade - Missed a shirt and can't find it?  Don't want to pay through the nose on eBay?  Stuck with some grab bag shirts that you will never, ever wear?  Tee Trade might be a good place to try.  Make an account and add shirts you have and ones that you are interested in and then see if you can trade straight for something you want.  Sometimes people will even sell pretty reasonably to you at pretty much cost.  Worth a look.

There are a lot of other places online to look for t-shirts.  Cafe Press, T-Shirt Hell, 80s T's, just to name a few, but I haven't used least lately and can't really saw how they are.  What I can say is that if you want a something like a straight-up Thundercats t-shirt, just go to Target or Walmart or even Old Navy.  Cheaper than most places and no shipping.  Good luck in your hunt for the perfect shirt and if you become a hopeless addict like myself, I have formed a support group.  We meet Fridays @ 8pm.  Bring your own coffee...see you soon!


  1. Nice Post. I (Matt) hadn't heard of a few of those sites. Found some Portal coasters on Think Geek I was REALLY bad. I blame you!!

  2. Damn you Patrick!!! I didn't know anything about Tanga...ignorance is bliss or more money in my case. I have this same problem as you, but I've done a (fairly) good job holding back so far...I'm off to go look throug Tanga now. >_<

  3. I've actually got a friend who gotten Cafepress shirts, said they were very low quality! This is awesome Patrick!