Sunday, October 2, 2011

Anyone Up For Some Candycorn and Scary Movies?

I love fall!  Especially the whole month of October and Halloween.  Nothing in the world I like better than a good scary movie.  I thought I would spotlight ten thirteen of my favorites that you might want to check out to get you in the mood to pull the covers over your head and and snuggle with your honey...

Near Dark - A movie about vampires.  Not gothic, sexy, or sparkly, but the way they should be...dirty and bloody and not at all nice.  This movie was made by and with a lot of people behind Aliens and it is scary and fun and the way I like my vampires.  With Adrian Pasdar, Bill Paxton, and Lance Henriksen.
Session 9 - Quite possibly the greatest thing David Caruso has ever been in.  A team goes in to clean out asbestos from an old mental institution that is getting renovated.  The patients are gone, but the memories of what went on there remain.  So creepy and Caruso delivers the best "f-you" ever in recorded cinema.

The Sentinel - A couple find an apartment at an amazing price that just happens to be full of creepy/crazy tenants and just might be over a gate to hell.  Scary and more than a little uncomfortable with a final scene that uses a ton of people with actual physical deformities that will haunt your nightmares for a few days after.

Slither - Nathan a small town sheriff...fighting a alien invasion...and it is hilarious and more than a little scary at times.  Smart and funny and it reminds you that Nathan Fillion is more than Mal or Capt. Hammer.

Shaun of the Dead - A no brainer, right? might have been a bad joke...  Another funny and scary movie that introduced me to Simon Pegg.  A ton of fun and will scare...just go watch it again...

The Thing - If this movie doesn't make you uncomfortable and scare your pants off, you are not paying attention.  Claustrophobic and will make your skin crawl.  Kurt Russell back when he was on top of his game was amazing to watch and the special effects from the days before CGI are nothing short of creepy as hell.

Alien - I have always thought of this as more of a horror movie than a sci-fi movie.  It creates such a sense of unease and dread and you never know where or when the title creature will strike next.  A movie that will get your heart pumping and holding your breathe at the same time.

The Audition - Awwwww...Japanese horror.  Usually more creepy and it has any right to be and this one has always affected me more than most.  A man is pushed by a friend to hold a fake audition to find a new companion after his wife passes away and he gets a lot more than he bargained for.  So visually disturbing and the end sequence is so unsettling.  Do not watch on a full tummy.

The Ring - Yes...the American one.  While the original one is great...this is the rare remake where they get it right.  The Japanese know that little girls are creepy and it translates really well here.  It puts a modern spin on horror that works really well.

Let Me In - I know it is blasphemy, but I like this remake a whole lot better than the original.  Much more streamlined and the scares are a little creepier.  Additionally, just the cinematography alone is worth the time watching it.  It is one of those rare scary movies where you really connect with the "monster" and don't feel as bad for the victims as you probably should.

The Blair Witch Project - Forget about the horrible sequel.  The original was great...especially the first time you ever saw it.  A movie where the scares are so much about what you don't see instead of the film makers pushing big computer effects in your face.  The sense of isolation and confusion really hit a nerve in all of us that leads to creeps that work.

28 Days Later - An abandoned London with scores of rage-filled people reduced to slobbing, wailing creatures.  Scary and fast-paced and you will yell at the screen for Cillian Murphy not to say anything in the church scene. 

Wolf Creek - Based on true events.  Few things are scarier in a horror movie and this one...oh this one is amazing.  You will never want to go on a road trip to somewhere in the middle of nowhere least not in Australia.  No ghosts, werewolves, vampires, or monsters of any kind.  Just a crazy man, who is not as crazy as you wish he were.

So...there are some great movies to get you started this Halloween season.  Let us here any movie suggestions you may have.  Oh and while you are snuggling up to watch these, put equal parts candycorn, peanuts, and M&Ms in a bowl and grub heartily while you pull the covers up close.  Till next time...

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