Monday, October 31, 2011

Tradio #16 - Something At The Window Is Scratching

Happy Halloween!  Today is a special edition Tradio for Something at the Window is Scratching by Roman Dirge and published by SLG Publishing.
This special Monday edition of Tradio focuses on a very non-traditional graphic novel by a very non-traditional creator.  Something at the Window is Scratching is a collection of poetry and art by Roman Dirge.  If you aren't familiar with Dirge, he is the creator of Lenore, (the cute little dead girl) and a friend and collaborator of Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim.  The volume is full of dark and delightful tales that reflect the dark humor of Dirge himself.  Varying from a page of text to several pages, Something at the Window is Scratching is filled with short pieces of poetry that tell stories that range from the disturbing to the funny and everything in between.  It is a lot of fun and the art that goes with each poem is dark and moody and wonderful.  You owe it to yourself to read this work.  Here is a short selection entitled, "weird family, weird baby". 

It's not a question
of maybe -
A weird family
makes a weird baby.

Children's tales for disturbed children indeed.  Have fun trick or me a popcorn ball.

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