Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tradio #53 - The Sandman: The Wake

This week, we talk about the last of the regular issue trades of The Sandman here on Tradio.  This week, we review The Sandman: The Wake by Neil Gaiman with art by Michael Zulli, Jon J. Muth, and Charles Vess and published under the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics.

A wake.  If you know what one is, you probably have an idea of what a majority of this story is about.  I don't think that is a spoiler given the title, but there is more to it than simply a wake.  These issues are a celebration of life, a passing of a torch, an introduction to a family, and ultimately a chance to tell yet untold tales.  We get to see how many feel about Dream and see how he has affected so many people and beings during his time of being.  The final two stories are an epilogue of untold tales where we see the bridging of gaps between two different dream lords and between the beginning and ending points of the professional life of a character we have seen before.  Overall, the stories are about the best of the series and helps us get a better handle on our feelings about what has come before.

Pretty amazing in so many ways.  The writing is sharp and reverent and the art is some of the series best.  It really is a great coda for the series as a whole, though the last two stories could have come earlier in the series for me, but that is just personal taste.  The Wake is a great end to the series and again answers a lot of questions that the series as posed along the way.  You never feel sorry for Dream, though you may feel that way for the people surrounding him.  It is touching, but not forced, which can be a difficult thing to achieve and it is a testament to the ability of Gaiman.  Next week, we look at Endless Nights.  See you then.

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