Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tradio #7 - 300

Hi all, this week's Tradio is about the classic graphic novel from Frank Miller, 300. 

300 is a quiet tale about a lowly fisherman reluctantly called into battle to protect his wife's honor.  No...wait...that isn't right.  300 is the story of the greatest warriors ever to set foot on this Earth and how they pushed back against overwhelming odds to protect the land that was rightfully theirs and protect their people.  It is dark and bloody and gritty and shows how the great warriors of Sparta were molded into living weapons.  Their bodies looking as hard as the land around them, they refused to bend to outside rule.  It tells the tale of struggle and well...I won't give away the end to the two of you that actually haven't seen the movie, but it is truly an epic painted in blood from the history from which it comes from. 
Where the movie took so much from the printed page (as illustrated above), it doesn't capture all the grandeur of Miller's actual work.  Where it often seemed like Miller was trying to draw as little as possible with his Sin City books, 300 is closer to his more mainstream works, being both iconic and bold and detailed all at the same time and there is so much on the page that just can't be reproduced in a movie.  You can really tell that his heart is in the work and every page pops in a way that his works like The Dark Knight Returns just don't in my mind. 
As you might be able to tell, I love the book.  Loved it before the movie...loved it it now.  I cringe thinking about the sequel to it that Miller has got planned, but I am willing to take a look.  Definitely take a look if you ever get the chance.  You will be very glad you did. 

Oh and before I run, a good buddy of mine, Justin Stewart won the give away from the Tradio last week.  What did he win?  Go back and look.  How can you win?  Just read and see when I am parting with my stuff.  Till next time, imaginary readers.

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