Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tradio #6 - Dead @ 17: Compendium Edition

Welcome back!  This week's Tradio is for Josh Howard's Compendium Edition of Dead @ 17, published by Viper Press. 
Dead @ 17 tells the story of Nara Kilday who is killed and mysteriously comes back to life to fight the forces of evil.  Through the course of the stories within this volume, we see how she grows and changes and comes to turn of the whys and hows of her death and resurrection and what her ultimate role is in defeating a rising evil.  There are some really interesting ideas explored and how she still relates and interacts with her friends and family and still tries to juggles her hopes and desires and fears all the while still being a teenage girls with the problems that come from that as well.  I do not want to give anything away, but over the course of the over 300 pages of material, we see how she is faced with embracing her destiny and she learns just how powerful she really is not as she fights ever increasing evil and it's various forms.  This volume includes (I believe) the first three mini series that Josh Howard both wrote and drew along with a lot of bonus material like covers, sketches, and fan submitted material.  Howard's art reflects some very manga sensibilities and seem to fit the story well.  If I have one complaint it is that the art is very sparse on background details, which tends to make you forget at times where the action in taking place. 
Overall, I liked the book and what it was trying to get across.  The thing that I realize is that manga really isn't my preferred comic book style.  There is something about young girls, wearing very little clothing, and are underage with pointy boobs that just makes me feel like a dirty old man when I read them.  Maybe it is the fact that I have young daughters who I am very protective of or maybe it is the fact that I work with young kids everyday at work, but I am just not all the comfortable at times with a lot of manga and given the art style of Howard, it just is a constant distraction for me.  Anyway, if you dig manga, stories of evil, and/or teen dramas, you will probably want to give this book a try.  Dead @ 17: Compendium Edition was bought via Discount Comic Book Service.

Before I go, how about another (attempted) giveaway?  Just send me an email at before the next Tradio next Wednesday and I will pull a name out of the pot and sent you a copy of the Dead @ 17 Compendium questions can just have it...honest.  No hidden fees or anything.  Hope to hear from you soon.

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