Sunday, February 5, 2012

iScrewed uP

Hi all.  I know I may not posted anything in awhile. You may have missed me, you may have not, but truth be told, I couldn't post due to a nasty virus.  Influenza? Chlamydia? No, no...nothing that much fun. A nasty COMPUTER virus that had my computer out of commission for about a month.  Through into that both an ill mother-in-law and a mother with a broke femur and here we are over a month later and this is my first post back.  Things are a little crazy still but I will get back in the swing of things with posting here and even have a side blog gig that I am VERY excited about.  Anyway, I thought that I would impart on to you all who are still subscribed to this what I learned from my time with an infected computer.

The most important thing I was faced with as be sure to back up important files on your computer often.  I ended up losing everything on my computer.  Every program, picture, video, and song.  I have a big ole external hard drive that I can plug in and back up everything on my computer, but did I do it?  Well, from time to time I did with videos and pictures, which was great but the last time I back up iTunes was September of 2010. was bad.  Music that I had bought from iTunes wasn't that big of a deal, but I get stuff from Amazon a lot too and any cds that I had added were very gone.  But the bright side?  I got it all back.  See I use one of the 80 gigabyte classic iPods cause I don't like having to be troubled too much with picking and choosing what I listen to...I just have it all with me, no matter what.  This ended up saving my butt with my complete loss of everything on my computer.  See, normally when you sync your iPod to your computer, whatever is in your iTunes overrules whatever is on your iPod.  So if I had reinstalled iTunes and then synced my iPod, I would have lost everything on it.  But, what does your computer do when you don't have iTunes on your computer?  Well it treats it like any other storage device.  So, without iTunes on my newly wiped computer, I was able to plus in my iPod, transfer the files into a new music folder and then reload iTunes and connect that program with the music that I downloaded.  I did have to go folder by folder and manually add it to my iTunes program, but after that, it was just reconnected my iPod and letting the magic happen.  I got it all back.  Every song, video, and movie was back...though I have had to play some with my podcasts.  Anyway, I hope this kind of situation never happens to you, but if you do, there is hope. 

Hope that helps someone someday.  Talk to you soon about more exciting stuff.

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