Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tradio #20 - Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth

Hello again!  This week we take a look at a book that is truly unique in the world of comic books.  Not only is it written for kids, it is written BY a kid.  I present Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth by Malachai & Ethan Nicolle and published by Dark Horse Comics. 

Axe Cop is a truly unlike anything you have ever read.  A creation of the fertile mind of a six year old (yes, you read that right) and his Eisner Award nominated thirty year old brother, Axe Cop is like your most wild, sugar-induced playtime session from childhood made real.  Pure imagination on a printed page.  The trade collects the three issues of the Bad Guy Earth epic and includes a far about of back material explaining the creative process behind the book.  What started as a webcomic turns into the Lord of the Rings of a child's playtime.  The story tells you everything you need to know about the titular character and his group of super powered individuals which include his pet T-Rex who has Gatling-guns for arms, his partner Dinosaur Soldier, Sockarang, Handcuff Man, and the brilliant scientist Uni-Man as they battle real cops, the army, the Psychic Brothers, and their bad guy army across time and space.  It is totally epic and the most Id infused thing you will ever read.  In many ways it reminds me of many Golden Age tales with a focus on fun with little care for what was coming next issue or for what had come before.

The writing is well, the writings of a six year old with his older brother helping to give the story some structure.  The art is fun and has a very kinetic feel to it.  Ethan is able to give form to the imagination of a kindergartner, which is quite a feat unto itself.  Overall, the book is a quick, fun read that will make you smile more than once with it's fresh take on super-powered heroes and what those superpowers can be.  It's not Watchman, but without tales like this, Watchman would have never happened in the first place.  Have a great Thanksgiving, guys...this would be a great book to share with your cousins after you are full of turkey.

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