Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nerd Thanks

Ahhh...Thanksgiving.  That day when we think about what all we are thankful for before diving in and eating as much poultry and pig as possible and plan out how we are going to maneuver the Black Friday sales.  I thought it would be apropos to take a minute and give thanks for some of the nerdy websites in my life that bring me joy on a daily basis.  So sit back, grab a piece of pumpkin pie, and see a few of the things that warm the cockles of my little nerdy heart.

iFanboy - One of the first podcasts that I ever discovered and still at the top of my playlist every week.  Three friends who started out just reading comics and taking turns picking a weekly favorite has turned into so much more.  A big, friendly community of fans, friends, and creators who produce weekly content that is shaped out of a love for the genre.  Unbiased?  Nope, but you know, you love what you love and these three guys have introduced me to so many good series over the years like Fell, I Kill Giants, Sweet Tooth, Preacher, and Proof.

Beaucoup Pop - Speaking of a fun podcast and a growing community, I love these guys!  Never would have found them if not for a friend, this is a local group of individuals who are all about building a local fan base and providing people with interaction who honestly may never have found each other any other way (us nerds are easily startled, you know).  Movies, comics, music, video games, and even theatre are all covered weekly by Justin, Keri, Matt, and Tressa and a growing cast of local creators and friends. They bring joy...and lots of "ef-you, Matt!" moments...and we all need more of both.

Get Glue - One of the fun things that BCP has brought into my life.  If it can be watched, listened to, read, or even thought about, you can find it here and like it and check-in to it and earn stickers...actual honest to God stickers...that they will send you...for free!  The last time stickers got me this excited, they were scratch and sniff...if only Get Glue would do them...though I don't want to know what Ke$ha smells like.  I am thinking Jager, pleather, wet dog, and feet.

Achievement Junkie - Here is an odd one.  Achievement Junkies is no more.  Back in the day, they did a podcast and blog that ended up creating a forum where I meet some amazing people who I gamed with over Xbox Live with for years.  I have never felt more a part of a big online community as when this group was at it's height.  The two creators of it even ended up on Xbox Live for a time...remember Nelson and (hot) Natalie?  Well, they got canned and the blog and podcast ended.  They tried to start things up again, but their hearts were never fully in it and it ended again.  I miss them and that sense of community.  Thankful for it when I had it...need to find that again.

Kotaku - Game news with a big side of snark.  Up to the minute news and info in easy to use chunks.  Always a stop on my daily browsing several times a day.

Xbox 360 Achievements - If you have an Xbox 360 then you know what an achievement is.  You may also know what achievement addiction is and I have been at times a total achievement whore.  This site has helped me out greatly in figuring out tricky ones and tracking down every last Agility Orb or Skull.  Comprehensive lists, plus guides and forums...all created and submitted by other users on the site.  A great resource.

Xbox 360 Deals - My daily stop to find out who has what for sale for the Xbox, you can always find something very tempting there and they have caused more than a few impulse buys.  Never would have known about Newegg if it was not for them.

Thwipster - Speaking of impulse buys.  Damn you Thwipster and your unbelievable prices on awesome trade paperbacks.  Updated daily at midnight, the site offers great content at great prices with very reasonable shipping.  Go there if you dare, cause you will spend money.

Tee Trade - Again with the impulse buys!  But this time, this site isn't the cause of is the answer.  It offers peer-to-peer trading of t-shirts that you may get from those grab bag sales many t-shirt sites offer from time to time.  Think you are stuck with something lame?  Chances are someone out there wants it and all you have to do is post, browse, and contact.  Typically only costs you shipping to the person you are sending your shirt to, but sometimes you can just out buy a shirt that you may have missed.  Everyone I have ever traded with has been very nice.

The Onion - If you don't know The Onion, you have been living under a rock.  Humor that cuts and will often make you think. News that is presented as if it were truth and takes itself very seriously.  So funny with amazing production values.  Podcasts, papers, books, and even television shows...they do everything very well.

Reddit - Another site that would be nothing if not for the users.  It is easy.  Post a picture and see if it is up voted or down voted and hope it makes it onto the front page.  Lots of fun and funny pictures, it always brightens my day.

Well, there is a few nerdy sites that I am very thankful for this year.  Check some out and then think about what you are thankful for.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.  Talk to you soon.

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  1. Awwww...DUDE!!!! Thank you SO much for thinking of us and we're delighted to have such a devoted listener as you! XD