Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tradio #51 - The Sandman: Worlds' End

We are over the hump here at Tradio with the Summer of Sandman. This week, we look at volume seven The Sandman: World's End by Neil Gaiman with art by a BUNCH of artists including Mike Allred, Tony Harris, Bryan Talbot, and Micheal Zulli and published under the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics.

World's End starts with yet another road trip.  But this time, not one for the Endless, but one for some regular folks who just happen to come into a blizzard in the middle of June.  The unseasonable weather only makes a difficult night's journey that much harder and the occupants of the car are quickly ran off the road by an unidentifiable creature and they have to take refuge at the World's End Inn.  What follows are tales from various other travelers from different times and time lines stuck at the inn as they waste away the hours and wait for the storm to pass.  As with most of the collections like this that we have seen before, Dream figures into each story in one way or another and we meet a few people who may have more history with Dream and his extended cast of characters in one way or another.  Eventually we see a sequence that seems to foreshadow things to come as we see a death march that includes Most of the Endless family, but not all.

There are a lot of strong things about this collection, but we get more tales that, while good, really don't deal with the Endless family directly.  The series has really fallen into a pattern of a several issue arc dealing with Dream and then a series of one and done filler issues.  Each of the six different issues presents art from a different artist with the framing sequences all by the same artist which helps to make the overall package that much more coherent than we have seen before.  But, ultimately, it slows a lot of things down and I really wish we had more focus on Dream and his family.  Also, the stories within stories within stories is kind of annoying in the middle of things.  Overall, not bad by any means, but I wanted more of the central story...which is looks like may be on the way.  See you next week for The Kindly Ones.

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