Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tradio #25 - It Ate Billy on Christmas

Today, on a very special edition of Tradio, we review a Christmas book that may cause more nightmares than warm hearts: It Ate Billy on Christmas by Roman Dirge and Steven Daily and published by Dark Horse Comics.

It Ate Billy on Christmas isn’t a comic book or graphic novel, but is closer akin to a children’s book that isn’t really for young children.  It tells of siblings Billy and Lumi and how *SPOILERS* something eats Billy on Christmas day and fallout after that.  The book is written in Dirge’s typical stream of consciousness style and is fun and funny and more than just a bit creepy.  The picture book is great and even has a bit of moral (don’t mess with your sister when she has control of an ancient evil creature with a big appetite.  The art is done by Dirge with over painting by Daily which really adds a haunting tone to the entire work.  If you liked The Nightmare Before Christmas, this right up your alley and without all the annoying song and dance.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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